Section: Version 0.3.1 (8)
Updated: Aug 23, 1999


kmc_control - control a Kodak Motion Corder using serial interface  


kmc_control [ -d DEVICE ] [ options... ]  


kmc_control is part of the kmc_utils package for controlling and reading information and images from Kodak Motion Corder(KMC) high speed digital cameras. This version is designed to run on Linux, although future versions may support other Unix variants.

kmc_control is the command line interface for sending commands and receiving information over the RS-232C (serial) interface. It does not allow one to transfer images from the KMC to a computer, which is done with kmc_read.

kmc_control gives the user low level access such as pressing individual buttons, or the user can use higher level commands to change variables, change modes, play, record, etc. with a single command from any mode of the KMC.



Show usage (help) information
Show version number
Begin interactive mode
Full query
Clear serial buffer
--pp, --pplay
Press Play button
--ps, --pstop, --pescape
Press Stop/Escape button
--pu, --pup
Press Up button
--pd, --pdown
Press Down button
--pm, --pmode
Press Mode button
--pe, --penter, --pmenu
Press Enter/Menu button
--pr, --precordready
Press Record Ready button
--pt, --ptrigger
Press Trigger button
Query date
Query mode
Query if in Display Mode
Query if Record Ready
Query if in Setup Mode
Query Display Status
Query Trigger Mode
Query Random Trigger Mode
Query number of memory boards
Query record rate
Query display size
Query shutter speed
Query playback rate
Query frame count
Query time
Query edge enhancement
Query zoom
Query reticle
Query Gamma
Query display
--sf=FPS, --setframerate=FPS
Set frame rate to FPS
--ss=SCSIID, --setscsiid=SCSIID
--sh=SPEED, --setshutter=SPEED
Set shutter speed to SPEED
--sd=SIZE, --setdisplaysize=SIZE
Set display size to SIZE



To retrieve the current recording record rate, displaysize, and shutter speed use:

        kmc_control --qrecordrate --qsize --qshutter

To set the record rate to 250 fps and the display size to 256x240, use:

        kmc_control --setrecordrate=250 --setdisplaysize=256x240


        kmc_control --sr=250 --sd=256x240

To begin recording (from any initial mode, since it will automatically change to the RECORD READY mode), use:

        kmc_control -r

To begin playing, use:

        kmc_control -p

To stop playing, use:

        kmc_control -s



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